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Vision of the Department

    To be a preferred institute in India for value based education in Mechanical Engineering leading to well-qualified engineers, who are immediate contributors to their profession.

Mission of the Department

    1. To train and educate undergraduate mechanical engineers of outstanding ability to occupy      leadership position in industry and profession.
    2. To respond effectively to the needs of the changing environments of Engineering, Technology and      Society.
    3. To develop mechanical engineering graduates to meet intellectual, ethical and professional      challenges.

About The Department

    The Mechanical Engineering Department has the reputation of being among the finest in the state with a vision to be recognized globally for creating competent professionals. The department consistently strives to provide an interactive relationship between the students and faculty through regular expert lectures, workshops, industrial visits and other technical events. To enhance the employment opportunity for students the department regularly organizes value addition programmes through National Skill Development Council and other reputed agencies. In the pursuit of promoting and developing the research capabilities along with the professional activities in industrial and process automation the department is establishing a Centre of Excellence in technical collaboration with SMC Pneumatics (I) Pvt. Ltd which is the world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic components. The faculty members have to their credit a good number of publications in International/National Journals/Conferences. The department is well equipped with state of art laboratories that impart practical training to supplement theoretical knowledge.


    Mass production is the backbone of the world economy, and the modern production line is heavily automated at every step in the manufacturing process. Currently manufacturing industries also aiming quality and flexibility along with increase ing productivity and reducing manufacturing cost with the help of automation. For this skilled manpower needed to manage the automated machineries. To develop automation skill among the students , Mechanical Engineering Department establishing a Centre of Excellence of Industrial and Process Automation in collaboration with SMC Pneumatics (I) Pvt. Ltd.